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About Crystal Robens

Hanover Mom

I am mom and grandma to a multi-generational family.   While I have one son, I also had custody of my two half-brothers for 5 years. My husband’s three sons are a part of my family, as well as my two beautiful grandsons.  All six of our boys have attended Hanover County Public Schools and we are proud parents of Hanover graduates.

Problem Solver

Working for a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), I am tasked with solving government problems on a large scale.  This is what inspired my desire to run for office locally.  They say all politics is local – and I would like to start with bringing my expertise in streamlining and improving government process to where I live and play.

Education & Experience

I attended the Governor’s School for Government and International Studies for four years.   While in school, I worked as an intern for State Delegate Riley Ingram.  After college at VCU and law school, I worked as an administrative aide to State Senator Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis.   

I then worked in Finance at one of the top five banks in the United States for four years, before moving to the public sector, where I have been helping to solve government problems for over three years.  During this time, I completed a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Business, from Harvard University.  I also achieved a post-baccalaureate certificate in Business Economics, and a certification in Board Governance – both from Harvard University.



Broadband internet access in the Beaverdam district is required for our residents to continue to thrive.   There are still many in the Beaverdam district who do not have internet services that they can rely on.   This will be a top issue for me if I am elected and I will do everything in my power to get the comprehensive plan updated to provide for reliable, affordable internet for everyone in Hanover County.

Fiscal Responsibility

The only way to serve our residents is be thoughtful stewards of public funds.  My background in Finance & Economics is one of my strongest assets for our county.   In addition to my education, I learned in the "school of hard knocks" as a small business owner.  I believe this gives me a unique, diverse perspective that someone who has only worked in the corporate world, academic world, public sector or small business cannot have.  I have had success in all of these. 


Our district has experienced a lot of growth in a short period of time, without much improvement in infrastructure.  We need representatives who are not beholden to developers. 

In addition to broadband, we need capital investments in our schools and roads to support the growth, not just more and more growth without proper planning.  I support widening 33, and investing in our future through design and planning to ensure that the rural nature of Beaverdam is preserved while allowing for its future.

Preserve Beaverdam

Industrial waste has no place in bucolic, pastoral rural Hanover County. With many residents relying on well water, or using public streams and waterways, the risk to our ground water is too great. I stand against the use of bio-solids or “sludge” being dumped in our county.   We need to focus on keeping our county rural and growth to match the comprehensive plan.


 Hanover has excellent public schools and our job as your elected leaders is to ensure that is the case for your children and grandchildren. Our long-term planning must be mindful of the generations of future Hanoverians to be raised in our district. 

Our current spending per student is very low when compared to other rural districts.   I would support pay raises for our experienced teachers, to help keep them serving in Hanover schools rather than defecting to nearby districts with better pay.


Many members of the Board of Supervisors are "industry professionals" - meaning they are realtors, contractors and developers.   How can someone really represent everyday citizens when their livelihoods depend on the very decisions they make?   While I have a background in construction and can use that knowledge, I am no longer in the industry in any way, nor will I be.  This means I can speak for my neighbors and how we really feel about growth in the county.

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